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Buy Buford, America's Smallest Town, For a Paltry $100K

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It must be Towns for Sale Day on Curbed! Much like its friends Scenic, S.D., Pray, Mont., and, most recently, Henry River Mill Village, N.C., the ultra-minuscule Buford, Wyo. is up for sale as well. According to a piece in USA Today, the 10-acre town, which was founded in 1867 and sits 8,000 feet above sea level, boasts a total population of one and will hit the auction block tomorrow with a starting bid of $100K. Current owner and sole Buford resident Don Sammons has lived here since 1980 and even, at one point, lobbied to get the welcome sign to say "Buford—Population Don and Jon" (his son, Jon, moved away seven years ago). Whoever buys the town will proudly own five buildings, including a trading post, gas station (it services 1,000 to 1,500 drivers a day in summer), and post office, not to mention a Union Wireless cell tower. "I just hope their dream continues to keep Buford moving in the 21st century," Sammons says.

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