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Did Robert A.M. Stern Really Design This Hideous Mansion?

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Back in 1985, the now-renowned architect Robert A.M. Stern was, it seems, just like any other workaday blueprinter. This was before Disney, before his numerous academic commissions, before blockbusters like 15 Central Park West and Superior Ink. According to the brokerbabble on this Staten Island mansion, 1985 was the year that Stern designed this utterly overdone mansion in the Todt Hill neighborhood. Listed today for $3.5M, the 6,600-square-foot structure doesn't look too bad on the outside—a sedate Stern design by most measures—but get inside to find a mess of floral prints, gaudy red rugs and drapery, a ridiculous red clawfoot tub, a rickety-looking faux-wood-paneled elevator, and an outrageous master bathroom that looks modeled after Versailles. There's no saying what hand Stern had in the interiors, but he did equip the house with an oversized swimming pool, a Palladian pool house, and a seven-car garage.
· 81 Copperflagg Lane [Zillow]