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Andy Rooney's Connecticut Family Home Hits the Market

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The notoriously loose-tongued 60 Minutes broadcaster Andy Rooney raised his family in Rowayton, a wealthy section of Norwalk on Connecticut's Gold Coast. Now the 2,400-square-foot four-bedroom that he and his wife, Marguerite, bought in 1950 is on the market for the first time since Rooney's November death, the Wall Street Journal reports. Of course the listing, asking $749,500, doesn't shy away from its famous former owner: "JUST WHAT YOU WOULD EXPECT ANDY'S HOME TO BE," it shouts, "LARGE ROOMS, HIGH CEILINGS, FULL OF NOOKS AND CRANNIES." (Because Rooney liked to play hide-and-seek?) There's also a kitchen fireplace and a woodworking shop down below. Despite the obvious updates needed there appear to be some nice bones, but surely Rooney, ever the ranter, would offer the lion's share of acerbic bon mots about the place if he were still alive today.

· Andy Rooney's Rowayton, Connecticut Home Goes on the Market [WSJ]
· 254 Rowayton Ave., Rowayton, Conn. [Prudential CT Realty]