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Buford, America's Smallest Town, Sells for Whopping $900K

Yesterday Buford, Wyo., sold at auction for $900K. By some counts the smallest town in the country thanks to its population of one, the 10-acre town, located 8,000 feet above sea level and some 25 miles from Cheyenne, garnered larger-than-life fame on the Internet this week because, well, it's not every day a whole unincorporated area goes on sale. (Actually—maybe it is?)

Buford's new owners are a two men from Vietnam ("very nice people," as the broker's rep said), in the states just to attend the auction, who ended up bidding nine times the $100K reserve. Don Sammons, who has lived here since 1980 and is the sole resident now, plans to retreat to Colorado, where he'll write about his experience living in Buford. No word yet about what the mysterious buyers have in store—"the question now is whether the smallest town in America will be serving Pho," Zillow Blog wonders—but, Sammons tells the Washington Post, “I felt my time here has been very happy for me, and hopefully the new owner will be able to enjoy what I’ve enjoyed over the years—conversations with people, the uniqueness of the area and so on—and keep the history alive.”

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