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An Observatory on Capri with Views of the Land, Sea, and Stars

Sited on five acres in a quiet corner of Capri, the famous Italian vacation destination, this former observatory enjoys rare space and fantastic views of the Amalfi Coast, the Mediterranean, and the Punta Carena lighthouse. The former research laboratory is set to be converted into private living space, with a bedroom in the observatory tower, plenty of outdoor entertaining space, and an idyllic swimming pool. A renovation of the property, which is dotted with six former observatory buildings, along with a lush garden, has been planned by designer Massimiliano Fuksas. The images above are renderings of the potential final product, but some serious restoration is necessary, considering the property is listed by Sotheby's as vacant land. Very expensive vacant land, of course, as the ex-observatory is asking almost $26M.
· Capri 5 acre plot with seaview [Sotheby's]