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Utter Genius Offers Furniture From Bedbug-Infested Rental

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Just in from a NYC-based tipster who "personally has an adversity against New Jersey overall" is this Craigslist find: someone in Montclair, N.J., is hoping to rent out his/her one-bedroom apartment for $900 a month. The place is "pet friendly" with "great neighbors" and a "responsive landlord," and all the furniture is available, too. There's one small problem, which the tipster also noticed: the building in question is on The Bedbug Registry with the following warning: "2011. Bedbugs (and roaches). Lived in building for 10 months and had to leave because of HORRIBLE bug problems. Building is gross overall and not livable." Perhaps that experience is somehow connected to the 20-plus rolls of toilet paper in the kitchen? Anyway, it's possible that the unit itself wasn't the one invested, but bedbugs aren't exactly "good-fences-make-good-neighbors" creatures. Caveat emptor, folks!

· $900 / 1br - Pet Friendly Apt in Montclair center (571 Bloomfield Ave, Montclair) (map) [Craigslist New Jersey]