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Georgia Trophy Room May Be the State's Best Man Cave

When we think of a man cave, thoughts often wander to dingy basement rooms with a kegerator, big screen, and oppressively low ceilings. Not so in this lakeside mansion in Greensboro, Ga., where the man of the house—or perhaps, to be fair, one hunting obsessed, hard drinking, pool shark woman of the house—has set themselves up with a kick ass trophy room. With most standards of taste and decency thrown out the window, there's plenty of space for dozens of taxidermied kills, including a giant elephant head and a woodland tableau featuring Bambi and the whole family. Along the right wall, a full bar seats six, while towering ceilings give the place a lofty feel not often found in a man cave. Of course, achieving this sort of masculine perfection costs boatloads of cash, and that's what it will take to secure this 14,600-square-foot manse. It's currently listed for $13M.
· 1270 Club Cove Dr [Zillow]