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Blake Lively Buys Charming Clapboard Colonial in the 'Burbs

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Blake Lively may play a wild, oft-reckless urban sophisticate on Gossip Girl but lately the actress has been seem embracing a more quaint bedroom-community lifestyle. She and main squeeze Ryan Reynolds have made news for slurping down chocolate milk and dining at the ritzy Bedford Post Inn in Bedford, N.Y. (where they may or may not have clashed with the locals), and were even rumored to have purchased property there.

Well, today The Real Estalker finds out the true reason why America's favorite bombshell has been spending so much time in Martha Stewart horseland: she (and she alone) bought a house there for $2.35M in January.

Judging by a rough crop of exterior listing photos, Lively's new digs aren't exactly what one would expect from a young starlet, with old-timey details such as yellow clapboard siding, and "Cntry kitchen," a cozy sunroom, and covered porch. Then again, fellow 20-somethings like Taylor Swift and Lea Michele have both recently opted for country charm over anything too modern. Kind of redefines the whole "girl next door" thing, eh?