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Guinness Goes Gimmick Crazy with Designy Submarine Bar

Photos via Arch Daily

The storied beer brand Guinness turned to London's Jump Studios to design the interior of their latest marketing gimmick: a submersible stationed in Stockholm harbor. The space-age interior is a seemingly-seamless design with a bubble-like graphic. Some of the "bubbles" have been lit with LEDs, while others are hollowed out to serve as cup holders or, should we say, pint holders. The submarine was commissioned as part of Guinness's 250th Anniversary celebration and some trickery was necessary to outfit the existing steel sub with a brand new interior using two tiny hatches. According to Arch Daily, "The components were made at the Nicholas Alexander workshop in London (after exact measurements were taken of the submarine from its base in Sweden) before being driven out to Sweden and assembled in sub-zero temperatures." Sounds like fun.
· Guinness Deep-Sea Bar / Jump Studios [Arch Daily]