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Behold the World's Tallest-Ever Lego Tower, at Least For Now

Over the weekend, in celebration of Lego's 80th birthday, 4,000 kids in Seoul, South Korea turned 50,000 pieces into the tallest tower ever to be constructed using the toy blocks. According to China Daily, the end result stands 31.9 meters tall (105 feet), thereby beating out the one that was built last year in Sao Paolo, Brazil, by three feet. (Ironically, the fatter Brazilian creation consisted of 500,000 pieces.)

More than 30,000 visitors have already seen the tower, which tapers à la the Washington Monument at the top. Architizer points out that men have been trying to outdo each other in this pursuit since the dawn of time 1988, so surely the world's next tallest Lego tower will be all the more impressive. Anyway, watch a video of the televised undertaking on YouTube.

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