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London's Most Expensive Flat Hits the Market For $104.5M

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As the luxurious London condo building for the megarich, One Hyde Park has developed a reputation for sky-high price tags. Ukrainian billionaire Rinat Akhmetov famously paid almost $223M for a penthouse in the building. The units here are often sold under the table, offered only to the megarich—Akhmetov is worth some $16B—but now that's all changed, as a five-bedroom unit in the building has just popped up on Zoopla, essentially the Brit version of Zillow, for a stunning £65M (about $104.5M). That's more than half-off the price of Akhmetov's unit, but still enough to secure a full-floor in the building's C wing, with 9,000 square feet and views of both Knightsbridge and Hyde Park.

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