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A Magnificent Modern Penthouse in Heart of Historic Florence

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Nestled at the top of a historic building, on the banks of the River Arno, with views of the famous Pontevecchio bridge, this 3,875-square-foot penthouse is among the finest residences in Florence, Italy. Listed for $9.44M, the four-bed, 4.5-bath spread is located on the top floor of the 15th century Palazzo Gianfigliazzi on the Lungarno dei Corsini, in the heart of the old city, but the interiors have been restored and updated to a high modern standard. Five 18-foot-high windows illuminate the living room and allow for views over the river and rooftops beyond. The modern interiors, with white furniture and clean lines, may sound out-of-place in this historic city, but they blend in quite well, thanks to a neutral palate and the desire for some modern creature comforts—this apartment enjoys large bathrooms and a sizable kitchen, rarities in the old cities of Europe, the master bath even has a jacuzzi tub.
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