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Ryan Seacrest Drops Tens of Millions on DeGeneres Estate

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Because everything comes full circle in this crazy wheel of life, the fact that Ellen DeGeneres recently bought Brad Pitt's compound in Malibu, Calif., meant that another celebrity would surely swoop in and scoop up the comedian's own palace, which hit the market in October. Sure enough, the stars aligned in such a way that Ryan Seacrest has bought the Beverly Hills, Calif., estate, which DeGeneres shares with her wife, Portia de Rossi.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, the American Idol host paid close to the property's $49M ask—a staggering price, for sure, but not even close to the $60M the couple originally wanted. And it's certainly chump change for Seacrest, who has been earning $15M a year (although he may be forced to take a pay cut if his American Idol gig continues past 2012).

Now, a bit about the new digs: featured in Architectural Digest this past November, the home was designed by architects Buff & Hensman and later expanded by Will & Grace set designer Melinda Ritz. Inside the 9,200-square-foot, nine-bedroom main house are Degeneres and de Rossi's impressive art collection—including a Warhol-Basquiat collab, an Ed Ruscha, and a Serge Mouille chandelier—but surely these things will be hauled out and installed in the Next Big Thing. Besides, no one embraces moving around quit like these girls: "The first thing I did when I made money was buy a house," DeGeneres told Arch Digest. "And then—” De Rossi interjects: “Another one. And another one and another one and another one..."

UPDATE: Per the Wall Street Journal, the home will close at around $37M—still jaw-dropping, of course, but nowhere near the $49M ask.

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