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Five Ranches for Endless Summers of Cowboys and Cowgirls

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When it comes to summer destinations, some rich folks avoid the lakes and beaches and head for somewhere more...strenuous, a Western ranch. One such character is Chuck Pfeifer, actor, decorated war hero, and best friend to Oliver Stone. The strapping West Point grad, who once served as the face of Winston Cigarettes, just turned 71 this year and has finally put his Montana ranch up for sale. The 853-acre spread, dubbed Confluence Ranch, is a sportsman's paradise, with hunting ground for both fowl and whitetail deer, along with a pair of streams perfect for trout fishing. The improvements to the property are also of the sporting variety, which is to say modest, a 10-year-old stacked log hunting lodge and a barn. The new-to-market property is listed for $2.8M.

? And now for something a bit cheaper, the Twin Bridges Ranch, located some 22 miles from Sun Valley, Idaho, is listed for just $575K. Of course, the acreage is reduced to 80 acres and the lone house is a rather simple affair, but despite the shortcomings, this is one screaming deal for a Western lifestyle at an affordable price.

? As one of California's finest ranch offerings, the Mill Creek Ranch, with its sprawling Spanish-style mansion and 25,614 acres, is considerably more expensive than its Idaho counterpart. Listed for $29.5M, the large tract is located in Red Bluff, some three hours north of San Francisco. The 7,400-square-foot hacienda enjoys views of rolling terrain, meadows dotted with trees, and 15 miles worth of pristine fishing grounds.

? For more of an all-season property, head to the ski mecca of Steamboat, Colo., where the Slate Creek Ranch sits not far from the resort, but still boasts 1,180 acres. That combination of location and size drove the price up to $26.5M. A staggeringly high price tag, to be sure, but given the rarity of the property, not out of the question. Though fully outfitted as a working ranch, there is but a single, four-bedroom residential structure on the property, so buyers would need to pour even more money in to produce a fitting residence.

? Canada, too, has its fair share of Western ranches. This, the Royal Antler Ranch is located not far from Fairmont Hot Springs, with a 6,000-foot private jet airfield and three golf courses, but still feels wild, thanks to 1,286 private acres and the surrounding Crown Lands. The views are particularly stunning with panoramic vistas of the surrounding mountains, one of which is home to the Panorama Ski Resort. The price is a just as awe-inspiring $15M.

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