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Wacky Postmodern Tries to Attract Eccentrics to SoCal Hills

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Location: Agoura, Calif.
Price: $1,949,000
The Skinny: Located on the inland side of the Malibu hills, this off-the-wall postmodern manse was constructed in 2000 to a whimsical plan, with even more offbeat color choices. While it may look dated now, the home is currently searching for a buyer with close to $2M to spend, so someone will have to be quite serious about this jokey house to plunk down that sort of cash. Set on a private, 4.9-acre hillside lot, the home is impressive on paper, with five bedrooms, six bathrooms, several fireplaces, and a modern kitchen, spread over 7,200 square feet. In practice, it's a jumbled mess of color and disjointed forms. Perhaps that's the point, but in the modern marketplace, houses that are this unique often have a hard time selling.
· 2401 Kanan Road []