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Inside the 420-Square-Foot "Apartment of the Future"

In 2010, Graham Hill, founder of the eco-friendly design/architecture site TreeHugger, launched a competition to turn one of his tiny studios in downtown Manhattan into a chic, modern vision of what life lived in small spaces should look like. Three hundred entries, one winner (Romanian architecture student Catalin Sandu), one winning design (which ingeniously uses Murphy beds, expandable furniture, cleverly disguised storage solutions, and multifunctional tabletop pieces), and a $365K renovation later, Hill finally slept in the 420-square-foot space for the first time on last week, but he considers it more like 1,100—the space transforms to become a kitchen, bath, living room, dining room, office, master bedroom, and guest bedroom. “Looked at this way,” he wrote in an email to the New York Times, “you’re getting the functionality of an apartment almost triple the size. Granted, you can only use one space at a time and this requires a transformation but still...”

Anyway, today the Times runs a lengthy profile of LifeEdited's "apartment of the future—a "laboratory [...] for small-space, sustainable and [...] high-end living"—which is already planned for a residential building in a Las Vegas redevelopment project. Head over to view the slideshow and watch the video proposal of the project below.

The Video:

· Selling the Pared-Down Life [New York Times]