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MissoniHome Heads Outdoors; ScarJo Earns a Tidy Profit

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EVERYWHERE—Later this year MissoniHome will debut its first-ever line of outdoor furniture and home accessories. Says head designer Rosita Missoni: the "inspiration often stems from the world outside my window and pieces from this collection provide the feeling of an indoor garden." [Editor at Large]

LOS ANGELES—They may no longer be a couple, but Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds will share a tidy $600K profit on the Buff & Hensman-designed midcentury modern they listed in January. [Curbed LA; previously]

KENILWORTH, ILL.—The house made famous by the 1987 John Hughes flick Planes, Trains and Automobiles is on the market for $1.799M. In the storyline the place belongs to Steve Martin's Neal, and Paramount execs were none too pleased that it cost $100K to build the film's seven interior sets on the property. [Hooked on Houses]