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Rent Leonardo DiCaprio's Beach Shack For $75K a Month

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Lots of guys want to be like Leonardo DiCaprio, but barring the talented, rich, good-looking, and famous ones, few people will ever get to walk a mile in the actor's shoes. But someone with an extra, say, $900K a year to spend may be able to sleep in his bed: he has just put his home in Malibu, Calif., on the rental market for $75K a month. According to Trulia Luxe Living, for short-term rentals of less than six months, that price skyrockets to $150K a month.

Anyway, from the listing photos the place looks nearly untouched—then again, DiCaprio owns two other places in town as well as one in Manhattan—but the reno'd four-bedroom house does have lots going for it: wood-beamed pitched ceilings, a gym, and outdoor spaces for soaking in the beach frontage and ocean views. Perhaps Leo will make a surprise appearance in his new role as landlord? Now that's something to justify all those prices.

· Just in Time For Summer, Leonardo DiCaprio Leases Out Beachfront Malibu Estate [Trulia Luxe Living]