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Eddie Murphy's "Bubble Hill" Party Palace Finally Finds Buyer

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Photos: Luxist

The A-list actor and comedian Eddie Murphy has been trying to sell his sprawling 30-room mansion in the NYC suburb of Englewood, N.J. for almost eight years. Murphy purchased the place for $3.5M back in '85 and dubbed it "Bubble Hill," after the slang word for party. Now he can finally throw a party to celebrate unloading the place, most recently listed for $12.75M, down from a 2004 asking price of $30M. The 5.4-acre estate is one of the largest in the neighborhood and features a mansion-sized guest house, "bowling alley, a pool, racquetball and tennis courts, a screening room and a recording studio." There's no word yet on the identity of the buyer or the (probably reduced) price they paid.
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