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World's Second-Tallest Building Opens to Much Jubilation

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New York has a new tallest building, and now Tokyo does too: during four years of construction, the Tokyo Sky Tree weathered tremors from last years infamous Japanese earthquake, but still managed to open to the public yesterday. Pop star Lady Gaga got a sneak peek at the observation deck a few days before, and missed out on some of the mishaps that accompanied opening day: high winds delayed many of the scheduled elevator rides and views were obstructed by a dense fog. But these flubs didn't diminish local enthusiasm for the project, as many of the 8,000 guests—selected by lottery—turned out in Sky Tree costumes. The tower is now officially the second tallest in the world, behind Dubai's Burj Khalifa, though the highest observation deck is at just 1,422 feet. Of course, that's peanuts when compared to the developer's next big thing: a 22,370-mile-high elevator to space that could be ready for riders by 2050.
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