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Justin Timberlake Wants Your Home Photos; and More!

THE INTERNET—Renaissance man Justin Timberlake, he who recently co-launched a decor collection called HomeMint, has teamed with Stylelist Home on a photo contest. Submit a photo conveying "what home means to you" and it could be published in a forthcoming HomeMint coffee table book. [previously; Stylelist Home]

NYC—Some of the most famous books, plays, essays, and poems have been written in New York City because of course they have! To honor, Curbed NY compiled a map of some of the residences where famous literary figures completed their work. [Curbed NY]

THE INTERNET—What does it mean to be a "local" in the Hamptons? Turns out the question is quite the hot-button neighborhood issue, and currently there's a 20-plus-strong comment thread over on Curbed Hamptons debating it. [Curbed Hamptons]