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Live Above The Clouds In Chicago's $32M Priciest Listing Ever

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The penthouse perched at the top of Chicago's Trump Tower has had a price increase: It's now $32M, making it the most expensive active listing in the area (easily bumping Michael Jordan's currently-listed $29M suburban estate out of the top spot). The 14,260-sq-ft apartment offers genuinely spectacular views and not much else at this point...the raw space is currently waiting for the right person to come along and customize it to his or her heart's content. When the tower was first built, the penthouse was originally set aside for Donald Trump himself, but he's had it listed since 2009 and doesn't have any plans to move in. So who should, then? The Chicago Tribune architecture critic dryly suggests that a NBA seven-footer should strongly consider it since the ceilings throughout are a whopping 16' high.
· Most Expensive Property By A Mile Hits The Market At Trump [Curbed Chicago]