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The Mind-Baffling Decor of Jailed Mafioso Nicola Schiavone

Recently Italian police seized Nicola Schiavone's villa outside Naples, and The Guardian takes a look inside said "Aladdin's cave of luxury tackiness." Turns out the jailed Camorra mobster—son of boss man Francesco Schiavone—filled his gate-guarded home with more than £240,000 (approx. $386K) worth of bonkers decor and furniture, which will apparently be auctioned off to some lucky souls. A few highlights: armchairs and chaise longues emblazoned with scripted Italian words (is that the word "Signore" above?), a gold spray-painted Buddha coffee table, a bathroom clad entirely—walls and floor—in tiny blue-and-white tiling, and "a shower unit (or is it the entrance to some sort of crime vortex?), decked ceiling to floor in Murano glass mosaic tiles and stuck smack bang in the middle of the bathroom. Or is it the kitchen?" Do have a look at the whole gallery.

· Criminal? Italian mafia interior tastes exposed - in pictures [The Guardian via Boing Boing]