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Inside Jonathan Adler's "Modernist Fantasy" Beach Retreat

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Jonathan Adler is a man who does many things for many people. The interior designer and ceramicist has designed straws for Diet Pepsi, collared shirts for Lacoste, toilet-paper roll covers for Cottonelle, scented candles for SoulCycle, beach houses for Nanette Lapore, cast-iron kitchenware for Kohler, TV sets for Joan Rivers, and budget collections for JCP.

As for what Adler has done for himself: this month Architectural Digest features the Shelter Island, N.Y., retreat that he shares with his husband Simon Doonan. The second property the couple has owned here—they listed their first, much smaller, place in 2008—the house was designed by Gray Organschi Architecture to be a "low, sculptural, rectilinear dwelling" that's "part modernist fantasy, part rustic beach retreat." "Our choice [to paint it black] got the whole island talking," writes Doonan. "One neighbor likened the result to Darth Vader’s coffin—finally, a frisson of unscripted scandal!"

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