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Dwell and New York Mag to Create Bionic Design Title

Hear ye, hear ye, Dwell and New York magazines have teamed to unleash utter control over an unsuspecting NYC populace: the two brands will co-produce an annual design title to coincide with "Archtober," NYC's citywide architecture and design festival each October. The inaugural issue will be circulated in a batch of 150,000, with 118,000 copies sent to New York-area subscribers (in Dwell's October issue and New York’s Sept. 24 issue) and another 31,000 copies sent to newsstands. The joint venture will pull ad/sponsorship resources from each brand, and the editorial content, overseen by Amanda Dameron of Dwell and Wendy Goodman of New York, will include "designer profiles, unique projects, and sneak peeks of the home tours, as well as a festival guide," according to the release.

In a short writeup of the collab, the Times Media Decoder column jocularly calls the two magazines "dissimilar" and of course they are: "Consider the risk in joining a magazine that offers readers design tips like how to avoid tripping over a lamp’s electric cord with a magazine that recently ran a 5,600-word cover article on the heart-wrenching decline of an aging parent." But New York just released its own standalone design title and it's filled with modern, cutting-edge projects that would be just as fitting in the pages of Dwell, not to mention names like Annabelle Selldorf and Rafael de Cárdenas. Here's betting this'll be good.

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