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Here Now, a Comprehensive Tour of 1980s Interior Design

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It's always a joy when real estate listings of today take one on a magical journey down memory lane. So hats off to the tipster who sent in this gem in Tucson, Ariz.: it reads like a user's manual to the lost-yet-not-forgotten decor trends of the '80s. On a macro level, there's the color palette, where taupe (practically the team color of the decade), teal, and beige reign supreme, cloaking everything from the Louis chairs to the floor coverings to the artwork. Then there are the details: assertively stuffed sofas, glass-top tables, a circular rug, floral valances with matching dust ruffles, semi-circular headboards, Art Deco table lamps, and so on. Not to mention wallpapered ceilings and some fabric that vaguely resembles an ikat: as luck would have it, two design trends that are "in" again. The four-bedroom Med-style home, situated on a golf course, is asking $1.295M.
· Skyline Country Club Estates [Sotheby's International Realty]