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"Expressionist Skanking": When Architecture Meets Dance

Fresh from Colorado-based cartoonist (and, incidentally, orthodontics student) Grant Snider (you've seen him before): an illustration that pairs architectural history with various styles of dance. Architizer's Samuel Medina waxes philosophical after examining the piece in depth:
"The horizontal layers and volumetric stepbacks of the Robie House inspires the invention of the 'prairie style two-step,' while the 'postmodernist pogo' can be added to the list of crimes committed or incited by Philip Johnson’s AT&T Building. We may not know what 'expressionist skanking'—provocatively paired with Erich Mendelsohn’s Einstein Tower—or how the Bauhaus bears any relation to 'bounce,' but it’s all good fun. Our favorite: the “futurist robot” because who doesn’t love futurism or robots?" Anyway, see the rest of the piece below.

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