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Inside the Mindboggling "Sandcastle," Now Only $43.5M

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The story of the Hamptons' legendary Sandcastle is as old and complex as time itself. A quick recap: area mega-builder Joe Farrell put the estate on the market for $59.5M in 2009—at the time, it was proudly touted as "the first $50 million nonoceanfront house" in the area—and in the intervening years the 31,000-square-footer has been: eyed as a possible rental by the Jonas Brothers, rented out for $425K for two weeks, featured on MTV's Teen Cribs, PriceChopped down to $49.5M, occupied by a millionaire divorcee looking for love, PriceChopped again to $43.5M, and put on the rental market again, this time for $550K for two weeks—that's about $40K a day. Whew. Who needs a drink?

Now, about those bonkers interiors: Farrell built the place on 11.5 acres and filled it with French walnut floors, a 40-foot-long living room, a 2,800-square-foot master suite with a additional eight bedrooms, two-lane bowling alley, golf room, skateboard half pipe, rock-climbing wall, media room, nightclub, "children's performing area," and combination squash, racquetball, and basketball court (with a retractable hoop). Also on the grounds: an eight-car garage, 60-foot-long pool, sunken tennis court, 4,000-square-foot "recreational building" (in case you get bored in the main house?), baseball diamond, and outdoor kitchen.

All this, and Farrell still wants to add more, more, more: his request to add a horse barn and riding facility to the property currently has neighbors up in arms. The Sandcastle remains on the market for $43.5M.
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