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Larry Ellison Scoops Up 98 Percent of a Hawaiian Island

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Larry Ellison, the "nation's most avid trophy-home buyer," has bought himself a new Hawaiian island. Well, most of one: the Oracle co-founder has reportedly spent around $500M for 98 percent of Lanai—the 141-square-mile "pineapple island" with some 3,200 residents—which has been owned by fellow billionaire David Murdock since 1985. What Ellison got in the deal: 88,000 acres of land, two resorts, two golf courses, a stable, some houses (other than the one he already owns on Lanai), and commercial buildings; according to, he plans to make "substantial investments in Lanai and is looking forward to partnering with the people of Lanai to chart the island's future." Fun fact: he beat Microsoft man Bill Gates, who was also interested in buying Lanai, to the punch. Second fun fact: while Dad's scooping up American islands (and 249-acre golf courses), daughter Megan is trying to offload one of her excess Los Angeles estates for $15.5M. What a family!

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