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Tour a Nutso Master Suite With a 40,000-Gallon Indoor Pool

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Slated for an upcoming episode of Million Dollar Rooms, HGTV's weekly tribute to bionic feats of residential architecture: a look at a master suite in an enormous Utah mansion. This isn't your ordinary 2,000-square-foot master suite, of course: it's five rooms gutted into one, with things like a $12K copper-clad bathtub, spa, fitness center, and 40,000-gallon indoor saltwater pool. Measuring 25 feet long and 14 feet wide, the pool "makes for a wonderful space and it's set up like an atrium," says the homeowner, whose design/renovation company did the project. Factoring in the miles of custom finishes throughout the bedroom and bath, pool, dehumidifying system that circulates air throughout the house, and industrial-strength pool cover that's sturdy enough to walk on—"Just like Jesus himself, I walk on water"—the owner estimates he spent some $1.8M on the suite. Watch the video below.

VIDEO: Utah Master Suite

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