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If You Could Demolish Any One Building, Which Would It Be?

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Welcome to Friday Open Threads, wherein Curbed passes the mic to readers: let thy voices be heard in the comments section—and, please folks, fight fair. Have something you want discussed next week? Send it this way.

Recently editors of California Home + Design spoke to a bunch of architects (and other people with opinions) about which "eye-searingly awful" buildings around the country they'd like to see demolished, and why. Curbed posted the 10 best responses yesterday, and already a couple of commenters have weighed in themselves: "Only one Daniel Libeskind building? I would nominate his entire portfolio for demolition, preferably with the little ego-maniac inside one of them." And: "Daniel Libeskind's ROM in Toronto and his DAM in Denver definately [sic] belong on this list."

In that spirit, today's Friday Open Thread asks: If you could demolish any one building, anywhere in the world, which building would it be and why? Sound off in the comments—and please, folks, let's not make this a Libeskind bloodbath?

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