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The Kitchen from The Chef's Kitchen; Really Angry NIMBYs

PHILADELPHIA—The two-bedroom home where the syndicated cooking show The Chef's Kitchen is filmed is on the market for $749,900. Not such a bad price, considering Eric Ripert, Masharu Morimoto, and Daniel Boulud have all left their mark on—you guessed it—the kitchen here. [Curbed Philly]

EVERYWHERE—Textiles overlord John Robshaw has just designed a line for Duralee fabrics. Stylebeat takes a look at the collection. [Stylebeat]

NYC—In today's news of neighborhood beefs, a Curbed NY tipster sent in the angriest notes in the history of notes from someone angry about a loud rooftop party. It begins: "You are among the most disrespectful neighbors we have encountered, self-centered and without a sense of community or moral judgment." And continues: "It takes a special type of person to make the night miserable for hundreds because of your narcissism." And ends: "Please be a good neighbor." [Curbed NY]