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Own the House Where Sela Ward Gets Slain in The Fugitive

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Dangling on the market like a bloodied carcass since last June, the Chicago house that played prominently—read: where the murder scene took place—in the 1993 thriller The Fugitive is still hoping to land a buyer. If the home doesn't exactly scream "'90s," it's because the property has been majorly remodeled since the film; according to Curbed Chicago, the current owner added two floors (bringing the total to four), an elevator, roof deck, study, and two additional bedrooms (bringing the total to five). Now the 6,100-square-foot glassy pad also has an indoor pool, sauna, roof deck, and steel-and-glass catwalks that offer views of the main living space—so you can keep an eye on anyone acting shady, of course. The place was first listed for $3.95M (at which point former Curbed Chicago editor Mark Boyer bravely stopped in to snap pics) but now asks $3.699M. Better act fast: Harrison Ford just sold his place in Los Angeles and, who knows, could be looking to hide out somewhere in the Midwest.

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