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Inside Catalog Living at its Most Absurd, On Sale Today

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Here's a look at Catalog Living at its Most Absurd, which went on sale this morning. The 128-page book is the print culmination of the blog Catalog Living, which L.A.-based writer and actress Molly Erdman launched in 2010 to provide homes for protagonists Gary and Elaine—"the people living in your catalogs"—in doing so making catalog set designers think twice before ever putting glittery decorative balls in bowls again. Erdman launched her Magazine Living spinoff on Curbed in Dec. 2010 (in which Gary and Elaine's cousins Martin and Gareth reside within the pages of shelter magazines), and last year named Catalog Living one of the 25 best blogs of the year. Gary and Elaine have also been immortalized in Pottery Barn and Target ads.
Now Gary and Elaine serve as the narrators for Catalog Living at its Most Absurd, which features a mix of Catalog Living posts—photo-with-caption format—and humorously written, yet sound, decorating advice. In the book's introduction, "Elaine" writes: "Gary and I never set out to have the rooms of our house featured in any medium [...] Regardless, we're simply thrilled to have the opportunity to show off our home, as well as give you some advice on how to achieve many of the looks seen in this book." Above, do have a look.

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