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Airbnb Launches "Wish Lists"; Columbia Med's New Building

THE INTERNET—Vacation-rentals site Airbnb has just launched Wish Lists, a new feature that lets users "discover, collect, and share great content" (read: 1M photos). Think of it as an internal Pinterest, of sorts, with the nicest interiors and architecture offered on the site. The aim? "For the first time, Airbnb becomes a platform for dreaming, exploring, and planning—as well as for searching and booking." [CurbedWire]

EVERYWHERE—Hotelier and interior designer Kit Kemp (NYC's posh Crosby Street Hotel among others) has a new line of textiles and carpets for Christopher Farr. She "designed all of her fabrics with mixing and matching in mind," according to New York's Wendy Goodman, who has the first look of the collection. [NYMag; previously]

NYC—Architects Diller Scofidio and Renfro have released renderings for their new building at Columbia med school, and it's a tricked-out 14-story glass tower with classrooms, a communal terrace, and places for people to "relax and have coffee." Java and fancy architecture: keeping aspiring doctors motivated! [Curbed NY]