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Architecture of Pyongyang; Madoff Denied Rental in NYC

NORTH KOREA—The architecture of North Korea's capital, Pyongyang, has previously been something of a mystery, with foreign journalists strictly watched and a ban on foreigners in the city's massive incomplete hotel complex. Now a new book, Philipp Meuser’s “Pyongyang: Architectural and Cultural Guide“, has arrived to shed some light on the subject. Architizer has posted some of the book's haunting photographs. [Architizer]

NEW YORK CITY— Bernie Madoff's son Andrew Madoff and his soon-to-be wife are having a little trouble finding a rental, owing to the fact that landlords want nothing to do with the schemer's offspring. Apparently the pair, whose children attend downtown schools, are hunting in Tribeca and Soho with a budget of $20,000 per month. [New York Post]