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Danish Architect Wants You To Live In His Dreams

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Bjarke Ingels has all the ingredients required to become the next hot global starchitect: He's Danish, he's charming, and he's "a true genius." In a CNN profile that's inexplicably hosted by Dr. Sanjay Gupta, we get to see Ingels in his native habitat and learn more about what makes him tick.

In part one, Ingels walks us through the inspiration of one of his new projects, a dramatic arrowhead-shaped building that'll soon be rising above West 57th Street in New York. It starts as a single story building at one corner and sharply rises 430' to a point at the other, going from "human human scale to city scale in one single building." In the middle is a courtyard that's "perfectly oriented" to the sun.

In part two, we head to St. Petersburg, Fla., where Ingels is one of three finalists picked to build a public pier: "Instead of dumping some arbitrary building at the end of the pier, we thought that the pier itself could simply come out of the water and become it's own pavilion." This Dane is definitely one to watch.

Part 1:

Part 2:

· Bjarke Ingels, Architect - Part 1 [Vimeo]
· Bjarke Ingels, Architect - Part 1 [Vimeo]