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Alameda County Jail Averages Only 2.5 Stars From Yelpers

Oh, Yelp reviewers can be so dramatic: "I would almost rather die then spend any substantial amount of time in there EVER again." A review of the latest farm-to-table restaurant in Yountville? No. It's describing a recent stay at the Alameda County Jail, which has its very own "business" page. Helpful Yelpers have dissected all aspects of the guest experience, including:

Customer Service: "The people who work here are hella rude."
Food: "The mystery meat they call bologna is questionable" but "the cookies were ok."
Décor: "Stellar lawns" but "cells and beds: rusted."
Fashion: "Clothing smells like spoiled milk."

Convenience: "Easily accessed from all points in the Bay Area." And like all good Yelp reviews, there are plenty of useful insider tips: "Your jail wristband even doubles as a pass for public transportation!"

All this and the place only gets an average rating of 2.5 Stars? No wonder business owners think Yelp is so unfair.

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