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$5.2M Cotuit Listing Has Some Truly Terrible Photos

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While we've certainly seen worse, it's always surprising to come across amateurish listing photos for a multimillion dollar property. This beach front Cotuit home with a private dock, in-ground pool, beach cabana and shared tennis courts is listed for $5,200,000. The exterior shots are acceptable, thanks to a nice sunny day, but the interior photos are terrible. According to the brokerbabble, the 3240 sq. ft. home includes a fireplace and wet bar in the "sun-filled living room." Really? It looks to us like they're expecting Dracula to stop by for a drink. If the other half (of one percent) accepts poorly framed and dimly lit shots, what does it mean for the hoi polloi?

· Listing: 225 Ocean View Avenue, Cotuit [Zillow]