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Informal SoCal Compound Asks $39M Thanks to 90210

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Location: Beverly Hills, Calif.
Price: $39,000,000
The Skinny: On any other set of hills in just about any other California town, this 10.4-acre compound would command a high price tag, but in Beverly Hills, it is asking an astronomical $39M. Accessed by a long treed driveway, the sizable compound is comprised of a Colonial main house with five bedrooms and five baths, a two-bedroom guest house with kitchen and vaulted ceilings, an office, eight-stall stables, and staff quarters. Despite the impressive stats, the style of the place is a refreshing California casual, no Mediterranean monstrosity here, and it looks lived it, a rarity in SoCal in this price point. Also rare is the swingset in the backyard, making this house look perfect for a budding family. Make that a very rich budding family.
· Prestigious Canyon Crest [Sotheby's International Realty]