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Norway Looks to Sell Retired Sub Base, Super Villains Line Up

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The Norwegian government is looking to divest itself of a few now-defunct military installations, not the least of which is this subterranean submarine base that looks like something out of a Bond movie. Listed for $17.5M, Olavsvern Naval Base comes complete with a submarine dry dock, a tunnel system, an emergency power system, 145,000 square feet of surface buildings, and a 27,000-square-foot "alpine resort." The most impressive feature has to be the enormous submarine hanger, hewn from the rock and nestled deep inside a bomb-proof mountain. During the Cold War, American submarines on patrol in the Arctic Sea would stop off here for a little R&R and, according to Norwegian television, NATO had previously opposed the sale, but now any villain looking for a lair has only the price to haggle over.
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