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Giovanni Ribisi Buys Famed Sculptor's Home and Studio

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The actor Giovanni Ribisi, probably best known for playing Nick Cage's impetuous little brother in Gone in 60 Seconds, has just snapped up a sensibly-sized midcentury modern in L.A. that was owned by ceramics sculptor Mineo Mizuno. Mizuno, whose work has been exhibited at the Smithstonian American Art Museum and L.A.C.M.A., among others, used the 3,800-square-foot space as both his home and studio, but unless Ribisi has a career change in mind, we don't think the house will continue on as an art studio. Some of the home's midcentury details are a little off-key—like the block of fluorescent lights in the kitchen—but the cool landscaping around the pool is surely a highlight.
· Giovanni Ribisi Buys Residence From Famed Artist Mineo Mizuno [Trulia Luxe Living]