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Feast Those Eyes on Houston's Craziest Wallpapering Job

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Because you just can't get enough Mylar or zebra patterns these days, here's a Houston three-bedroom home asking $499K. Both "unique" and a potential "definite show place," according to the brokerbabble, the property first appeared on the local real estate blog Swampot, where commenters share their insights:

· "This house makes me want to wear puffy taffeta dresses and sniff cocaine."
· "I kind of fucking love it. Beats Nouveau Romanesque or whatever the hell Houston is about these days."
· "I do like her style. Well, except for the wallpaper in the small blue bathroom."
· "The sauna is tasteful."
· "I would buy this house, then rent it out to a bunch of up-and-coming dubstep producers."

Opinions? Thoughts? Hopes? Dreams? Leave them below.

· 1818 Willowmoss Court, Houston [HAR via Swamplot]