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Here's How Folks in 1979 Saw the Living Room of the Future

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Boing Boing got its hands on an excerpt from Future Cities: Homes and Living into the 21st Century (1979), in which authors Kenneth William Gatland and David Jeffries predicted how humanoids would exist in the residential spaces of the future. For the living room, they surmised, "[t]he basics will probably be similar—windows, furniture, carpet and TV. There will be one big change though—the number of electronic gadgets in use." Additionally, "TV-telephones could be a practical reality by the mid 1980s" and homes will feature "giant-size" yet "flat screen" TVs with "super-bright screen for daylight viewing and stereo sound system" and "a thickness of less than five centimeters." So far, so good. One question though: where the heck is that pesky "domestic robot" who "rolls in with drinks"?

· Hot tip from 1979: the living room of the future will be filled with computers [Boing Boing]