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Squam Road Beachfront On The Market, Asking $19.9M

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It might take less time to list the amenities not in this Squam Road property since just the basement includes a media room, media closet, wine cave, laundry room, powder room, two utility rooms, a huge rec room, a spa with two dressing rooms, a sauna room, steam room and a large full bath. What, no bowling alley? No wonder this place has been on the market for 511 days. The first and second floors of the main house are even more tricked out than the basement with all manner of high end amenities. Outside, there's a well-equipped kitchen with a fireplace, hot tub and "a sun shelf that spills into the pool." We take it that's the un-diving board, lounge area in the cement pond. There's a carriage house and a three bedroom, three bathroom guest house. We've actually traipsed down the overgrown public way that runs along the driveway to get to the beach, but we doubt it gets much use since there's really nowhere to park. Thus, the brokerbabble stating that the property "offers privacy, direct beach access, and sweeping views over the dunes out to the Atlantic" is on the money. Speaking of money, the estate is being offered fully furnished and is yours for just $19.9M.

· Listing: 51 Squam Road, Nantucket [Great Point Properties]