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Ikea to Furnish "VIP" Lounge in Charles de Gaulle Airport

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Ikea, which previously encouraged people to take photos of strangers sleeping, now wants to be the one to put you to sleep: the Swedish retailer has signed on to create and furnish a pop-up lounge in Terminal 3 at the Roissy-Charles de Gaulle Airport near Paris.

According to a press release, the Ikea Lounge will be free, open to all passengers—that means you, coach—and span 220 square meters (2,328 square feet). After being greeted by a hostess, guests can do things like "[watch] TV from a comfortable sofa"—but gee, hopefully not an Ikea TV!—"or enjoy the quality of IKEA's mattresses for a nap in one of the 9 bedrooms of the space." There will also be a supervised playroom—sounds like this is for kids and not, in fact, for bored grown men. No word whether meatballs will be served, but from the photos it seems the Ikea Lounge will be a major, almost high-design-y, step up from the standard economy-class variety. Book those tickets now: the lounge opens tomorrow and closes Aug. 5.

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