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Here are the Top Buyers' and Sellers' Markets Right Now

Using metrics such as sale-to-list price ratio, number of days on the market, and percent of homes on the market with a price cut, Zillow has just released as list of the country's top markets for buyers (where there's generally some PriceChops) and sellers (where properties sell at or close to ask). The findings? San Jose, Calif., and San Francisco are sweet spots for sellers—although one San Francisco seller in particular will really have to step up his/her game—and Chicago and Milwaukee lead the pack as far as cities with decent deals to find. Case in point: the house where the murder scene happens in The Fugitive. That Chicago remodel hit the market for $3.95M but, after a year with no takers, now asks $3.699M. Will somebody soon score Oprah's pad for a discount?

· Zillow Ranks Top Buyers' and Sellers' Markets [Zillow Blog]