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Weirdly Awesome London Rentals Fit for Olympic Attendees

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With the London Olympics on the horizon—the opening ceremony arrives on July 27—we thought it time to take a look at London's short-term rentals and find some options that might suit a vistor who's not just coming for the sport. This first one certainly fits the bill. A circular bedroom perched in a former water tower, the rental space is a lung-busting six flights of stairs from the street, which partly explains the owner's decision to go for a minimalist aesthetic. Equipped with a kitchenette and a full bathroom with tub and shower, the tower apartment rents for $207 per night, but, unsurprisingly, has already been rented for the Olympics.

? For something a bit lower, but no less off-beat, check out this riverside houseboat, moored between the Westminster and Chelsea bridges on the Thames. A private room aboard the boat, and access to its pier-side swimming pool, costs just $110 per night. Within walking distance of some of London's most popular sights—like the London Eye, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, and the Tower of London—the private room with double bed enjoys access to the rest of the waterborne house, including a full kitchen and entertaining spaces that look less nautical than we might expect.

? London is full of historic buildings, including plenty of historic conversions. This one, in the quaint and coveted Notting Hill neighborhood, is a former church that has been divided up into apartments. A renovated loft in that building is currently available for the Olympic period for the not-so-low price of $6,740 per month. The one-bedroom unit, with fully modern kitchen, and views over the nearby rooftops, is only available for 30-day rental.

? A historic property that hasn't glossed over its past is this petite rental in a converted Victorian hospital, available for $445 per night. The two-bedroom flat has space for four people and sits close to a tube station for easy access to public transit. The windows have been replaced with double-glazed modern numbers to keep street noise to a minimum, but all the updates are in keeping with the historic pedigree of the building.

? For those who want to get some work done while spending time at the Olympics, this sprawling live/work loft offers expansive professional space in addition to the living quarters, all located on one of London's canals. The depths of the loft lack windows, but there are several skylights and the sheer amount of space, for London, should be worth the $159 per night.

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