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Dreamland Ballroom Reopens Tonight In Oak Bluffs

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What: Dreamland Ballroom
When: July 13, 2012
Where: 9 Oak Bluffs Avenue, Oak Bluffs
The Skinny: Good news for music lovers, the newly refurbished Dreamland Ballroom will re-open tonight after a 100-year hiatus. Not to be confused with the recently re-opened Dreamland Theater on Nantucket (there's no connection between the two), the Dreamland in Oak Bluffs will not only host live music, but events, weddings and parties. According to the press release, the centrally located space "will be available for use 365 days a year for any community or national interest." Sounds like they'll be going back to their ballroom roots, hosting a USO dance or two. The building has been used for everything from a dance hall to a pool hall to an auto repair shop, but now the upstairs, above the MV Chowder Company, is going back to the beats. Dreamland will be one of the venues used by the Martha's Vineyard Jazz Festival in August and the summer roster is already looking good with both music and comedy shows lined up. In fact, Yo Mama's Big Fat Booty Band plays this Sunday, which sounds to us like music-comedy fusion. Four bands will play at tonight's opening, a 112th birthday bash for the 5,300 sq. ft. space. Happy Birthday!

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