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Stonehenge Goes Modern; Williams-Sonoma's New Blog

EVERYWHERE—Talk about tabletop porn: graphic designer Dinah Fried has arranged dining room settings to resemble fictitious meals from famous books. Here above is Alice in Wonderland. [Laughing Squid]

KING FERRY, N.Y.—The MacKenzie-Childs house, which hit the market for $1.1M a year ago, has been PriceChopped below seven figures to $975M. [previously; CurbedWire Inbox]

THE INTERNET—, Williams-Sonoma's kitchen-design site, has launched a new blog. According to reps, Countertalk will showcase "the latest and greatest in everything kitchens—including stylish new products, trends to try (plus which to avoid!), and sneak peeks at fabulous kitchen makeovers across the country." Columns will range from first-hand accounts of kitchen remodels (“Renovation Diaries") to the celeb-focused “What’s in Your Kitchen?" [CurbedWire Inbox]

UK—After decades of dispute, work has begun on the new modern addition at Stonehenge. English Heritage has details about the project, which includes a visitor center and a transit system. [English Heritage]